Welcome at Guyana with Duravilla and M60jours

M60Jours has instilled an innovative concept aimed at fairer trade,
 totally out of sync with the recurring offers of the market. 
Our specificity marks our difference! Our prices, the quality of the tropical wood selected, 
the certifications and labels obtained, are all assets that our customers have appreciated 
and we thank them.

Discover here the concept, the brand and the philosophy that make
the success of M60jours.

Enter the new market concept too!

M60Jours Export Caraïbes

M60Jours and Duravilla set up a Guyana / Guadeloupe partnership.

Consult our information magazine La Gazette: our novelties, 
the concept, testimonials ...

The Charpindus M60JOURS Guadeloupe factory

The Charpindus M60JOURS Guadeloupe factory is located in the Jaula Lamentin Industrial Zone. 
It benefits from a unique production space in Guadeloupe, with permanent stocks. Weekly 
verification tools and procedures are put in place, within the framework of CE marking, 
to offer the best possible products. Industrial wooden structures have been proven for 
40 years in tropical, cyclonic and seismic regions. The assembly of the latter is to be 
carried out by specialized companies.
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